Fish food

In one week in the summer of 2011, I registered for accounts with Tumblr, Twitter, and WordPress. I would’ve signed up for a second facebook account if it had been possible to do so, but I don’t think there are enough hours in the day for me to bounce around from page to page on their server. The future is coming, and the way that we communicate seems to be shifting. People read less, text more, confine their ideas to 140 characters, and choose other people’s images to express how they’re feeling. It’s an odd inbetween time for a twenty-something who’s still trying to figure out what he wants to do. I’m not totally convinced that there is a best way to use these technologies, and haven’t committed myself to using them at all.

WordPress is the closest thing to what I know, so I’m putting much of my energies here. I have enjoyed opportunities to write of late: the occasional blurb about college admission, an article here and there for student consumption, another blog for prospective students to my alma mater and current employer, and most excitingly, the story of my engagement.

The activity of writing has been hard to crack: how much time do I spend doing it? What do I write about? Who will read it? I occasionally indulge in multiple-edit emails to close friends about basketball or pop-culture, but I crave something more substantive, organizational, and instructive.

So this is “On the Hook,” a blog for me to share my thoughts. I hope the simultaneity of the blog’s creation and my engagement story lend some justification to the double-entendre of this blog’s name. Enjoy looking around.


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