True Detective

I’m not all that savvy a telivision critic. My first stop after watching each of the True Detective episodes was twitter or the AV Club, to see whether my own theories were shared (yes!) or if other people were following threads that were smarter and way over my head (damn!). I can’t say that I will add anything all that revelatory to

what’s already been written about the series – that I will shine any new light into the darkness. I can say that as I watched last night’s finale, I was quite literally on the edge of my seat. From the moment they followed that dusty road to Errol’s torture and arts and crafts farm on the bayou, I was ready for something incomprehensibly and engrossingly horrifying to ensue. Others have pointed out that this ending was a simple one, wrapped up neatly with the culprit taking the form of the predictable crazy hick who loves to torture people. But that didn’t change my sense of enjoyment in the moment, nor will it affect the stand-alone value of the moments in the series that were so different and so captivating.


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